Treasured Wheels – The World of Antique Cars

Treasured Wheels is an antique car museum situated at Medhikuchi (new location), Assam; a great place to visit and spend time for car lovers.

The man behind the wheels is Piklu Deka.

For him it has been a fascination to collect anything vintage ranging from cars and motorbikes. Thirty years ago, when he saw a vintage car lying in a Dibrugarh businessman’s backyard, he dream of owning the car one day & his dream to collect vintage vehicles revolved around that childhood dream.

Some of his well-wishers have donated their vintage vehicles to him for preservation. The museum will not only help people learn about the history of transport in the Northeast but also acknowledge those who have helped build his collection. The vehicles will be in the name of the original owners. Perhaps you’ve heard that the treasured wheels have a terrific museum but, unless you’ve been there, you probably don’t know much about it.

The only one museum of cars and motorbikes in northeast has now 60 cars and 54 motor bikes. The other collections are 10 bicycles, 20 wall clocks, 32 watches, 5 gramophones, 5 radio sets, 5 fans, one piano and a voice recorder. All these were manufactured in early part of 20th century.

“I have not collected these items to become rich and look after myself and my family with the money these items could have brought. I wanted to showcase them in a museum in this gateway to the Northeast India, now It’s established on 2001”

Location – Sonapur near Amchang Wild Life Sanctuary in Guwahati,Assam.

Nearby Place to Stay – Spring Valley Resort (15 mins), Dichang Resort (4 mins), Orange Resort (2 mins).

Specialty of the place – A grand collection of some classic cars and bikes. The vehicles are set out amongst some beautiful, lush scenery. This place has vintage items and the place has chirpy birds and greenery all around. Restrooms are available as well.

Type of place – Museum | Unique | Cars | Antique | Bikes

Entry Fee –Rs 100/- (Lunch is also available on request).

Best time to visit the place (Month) – Anytime.

Best time to visit the place (Time) – Daytime.

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